Interestingly, in our study there was a trend for sympathetic baroreflex sensitivity to increase after blockade of AngII receptors in DEH when angiotensin was elevated.”

interestingly?? what the fuck part of that is interesting?? omFG someone save me

i feel like the only person who couldn’t give a toss about halloween tbh

omg this is so exciting!

i know, right?! something about my degree actually excites me :’)

ALSO!!! i can’t believe i haven’t posted about this yet?? anyways y’know i had to choose 5 project areas in order of preference for my 3rd year project?? well i chose public health as my first option and that’s what i got!!! my supervisor is one of my fav lecturers and the project title is “Dietary Supplements: Who? What? Why?” which i’m extremely happy with!!!!!!!

got an email from asos saying they’ve received my returned leggings and are sending me a smaller size!!! hallelujah!!!

so i’m reading this article about blood pressure and shit and googling every other word cause it’s like a different language. so one bit says “In humans, exercise-induced DEH and hyperosmolality induced by saline infusion have been shown to cause alterations in sympathetic and cardiac baroreflex function”………i googled “saline infusion”…………and it’s a fetish………whereby men inject their penises with saline……….so it appears bigger…………i could really have done without that imagery