[Pro-sex-trade] Men… are able to equate sex with a service or commodity because they don’t think a woman’s actual desire for sex is necessary to the sex act. It’s the way men have always defined heterosexual sex under patriarchy: women are holes to be fucked by men, and thus their feelings – be they fear, pain, unhappiness, boredom or revulsion – while they are being penetrated are irrelevant. If men actually believed that a woman’s independent desire to participate in sex was a necessary condition for sex to take place, there would be no market for prostitution.
― Commenter Donkey Skin on Feminist Current Article (via etreconnue)

Amber Heard’s face though??

Since I’m up to roughly 350 followers now I’d just like to say hi and welcome and for the next 24 days my complaining about not being near my bf is going to get gradually worse but then he’ll be here for the rest of the summer then we’re moving in together so it’s all good. Also thinking of doing raw til 4 in the form of eating bananas until dinner but I’m not too keen on bananas so maybe not

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I read an article about “what women think men want (and what men really want)” and I feel like it was supposed to make women feel better but like……..it’s still talking about men wanting women with straight strong legs like who fucking cares ommgggggg

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Thank you!! So much stress but I made it :’)


Britain… positivelyglowing wholefoodsandgin

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In case anyone keeps up with my academic career and has been wondering whether or not I managed to pass first year: I did